Why advertise in our magazines?

  • SHELF LIFE: Magazines are kept for much longer and therefore provide extended exposure for your advert
  • BELIEVABILITY: Due to our pedigree of reputable, high-quality magazines
  • ENGAGEMENT: Readers are relaxed and focused when they sit down to read their magazines and will therefore
      focus and take in more of your advert
  • IMPACT: Our creative and print versatility allows your advert to be designed and placed in the magazine
      with greater visual impact
  • REACH: High circulation and high copy-sharing gets your advert to thousands of readers
  • CONTENT: Relevant, inspiring, well-researched content continues to increase our readership

Your advert in our magazines...our engaged readers…the results you want!

The advertising options available in our three magazines are:

  1. Standard adverts
    • Double page spread
    • Full page
    • Half page
    • Third page
    • Classifieds (only in Home & Living)
  2. Creative advertising concepts
    • Gatefold
    • Split cover
    • Reverse front cover
    • Custom-made creatives
  3. Special positions for advertisements
    • Inside Front Cover + page 1
    • Inside Front Cover
    • Inside Back Cover
    • Outside Back
  4. Full-page advertorials

  5. Inserts carried in the magazines

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